An Educational Journey.

Valencia High School is yet another highly rated school in the area, with their champion Vikings sports teams and high educational standards for grades 9-12. It was even ranked in 2012 as one of Newsweek’s America’s Best High Schools, which takes into accounts many desirable factors like graduation rate (96%), college rates, average test scores and the percentage of AP courses offered per student. Along with phenomenal athletics departments and the Pride of the Vikings marching band, their choir, speech and debate team, and color guard also bring the school many achievements. Valencia’s TV station and video program continue to win many awards, participating in the National Student Television Network and entering their works into numerous film festivals.

Valencia High School’s mission not only prepares students academically, but through instruction and opportunity, the faculty endeavor for their students to become responsible citizens. They build character through teamwork and learning opportunities, always striving for innovation in academic excellence. Plus it is truly just a fun place to learn!


Valencia High School Happenings

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Valencia High School Medical Science Program
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