Mary Jane Spangenberg

 After years as a financial consultant to first time homebuyers, many of whom didn’t know that a mortgage was even an option for them, I fell in love with this work and found my calling. Sitting down with the people who never even considered that they could be homeowners, then mapping out their path for them, had a huge impact on me.

I began to see how working in real estate could truly help my neighbors realize their dreams.

After working with a firm for over a year, it became clear to me that the hard lined sales approach to real estate was not my way. And if I was to go down this path, I was going to do it the only way I knew how, and that is by being myself: by putting the needs of my clients first and trusting my instincts rather than years of real estate traditions. I vowed to simply be myself in everything that I do.

More About Me...

  • Real Estate Professional with Real Life Experience

  • Santa Clarita Community Expert

  • Mom and Community Leader of Momprenuers

  • Networking Leader in Santa Clarita's Mom Community

  • Loan Qualification Specialist with Education in Various Programs

  • Cutting Edge Property Marketing Expert


I make my clients #1 and take the stress out of buying/selling.  Whether their home needs decluttering, home staging or pet sitting while we show the home…my team handles it all.

Whatever you need to make your home process a reality, I can nurture and strategize the best way to make it happen, personalized for you! And because I love my Santa Clarita community, every business I enlist is a local business. Most of them are led by local moms, family owned businesses and entrepreneurs in the community who really care about your business. They appreciate and take pride in their work, so every investment we put into your home listing will count. Even the cookies I deliver at holidays are made by a local Mom!

It all starts with an informal conversation, even long before you’re ready to start the process. Contact me and I’ll help you understand your specific needs and take the pressure off your journey to a new home.



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